The winners of the short animation competitions have been decided!

Animatricks Animation Festival, in partnership with Rovio Entertainment, is pleased / Animatricks Animation Festival and Rovio Entertainment are pleased to announce the winners of the Animated Shorts 2015 competitions.

The best Finnish short animated film / the best Finnish animation in 2015 is Valvoja (The Guardian) by Pietari Bagge, Christer Hongisto, Elisa Ikonen and Inka Matilainen and the best International short animated film / the best international animation is Bottomfeeders by Matt Reynolds (US). In addition, Balcany at the end of the world (FIN) and Cooped (US) received honourable mentions.

The Finnish stop motion animation Valvoja / The Guardian (2014) tells the story of an old granny andvalvoja her assistant robot, who is trying to remind her of something very important. The production team consisted of Pietari Bagge, Christer Hongisto,Elisa Ikonen and Inka Matilainen from Aalto University. (The duration of the film is eight minutes.) The jury was particularly impressed with the film’s unique, but at the same time touchingly humane, style and visual expression. The beautifully shot film creates associative impressions of the treacherous Alzheimer’s disease, which is often a heavier burden on the patient’s family and loved ones than it is on the patient. The minimalistic score, mainly consisting of piano music, was considered to support the narrative in its own unique way.

The American hand drawn animation Bottomfeeders (2014) tells the Bottom_Feeders_girlsEating_betterstory of two different species that are separated by a fog; they fight for survival in a decidedly less sympathetic world. The animation is directed by Matt Reynolds. The duration of the film is three minute, and the jury deemed it a compact and concise entity that carries the storyline effortlessly. The naturalism of the film was considered elevating. Although the underlying story is tragic, the jury appreciated the humorous effects that had been added to the narrative, thus creating interesting variation and contrast to the whole. The inventive short animation did not attempt to show off with elaborate music; the soundtrack relied solely on sound effects. The jury nevertheless appreciated the end result and considered it very fitting to the edgy yet compelling production.

In addition, the Jury decided to give two honourable mentions. Mike A Smith’s Cooped (US) received an honourable mention for the professional execution of the genuinely amusing film. The second honourable mention went to the Finnish Balcany at the end of the world, directed by Aalto University’s students Marika Laine, Markus Lepistö, Leo Liesvirta and Tommi Mustaniemi. The jury appreciated particularly the film’s ingenious soundtrack.

This year’s winners were selected by a jury consisting of three members: The director of the brilliant Oscar nominated animation Rocks in my Pockets Signe Baumane, world renowned musical virtuoso Mark Thomas and sound designer Salla Hämäläinen from Rovio entertainment. The best international animation was awarded with 3 000 € and the best Finnish with 1 000 €. The awards, sponsored by Rovio Entertainment, are granted to the directors.


Playful and lively Animatricks Festival is here again!
Animatricks presents the funniest, oddest, wittiest and loveliest animated films from around the globe. This year the festival has two themes: Sound and Crowdfunding.
The festival will be opened with the brilliant, sarcastic and feministic Rocks In My Pockets. The festival will be honoured to have the film’s director Signe Baumane attend the festival.  Mark Thomas, the composer know for his brilliant work with Shaun The Sheep, will attend the festival and tell the audience about how he composes for animation.
Animatricks also showcases a variety of new Finnish and international short animations which are competing for Animatricks Awards. We also have a wide range of activities and screenings for kids and youth! How about improvised dubbing for Angry Birds? Or a live-concert, where Giggle Bug-episodes will get new music and sound?

Animatricks Animation Festival 2015 TRAILER from Animatricks on Vimeo.

More information on all festival events: animatricks.net/festival/events/
Programme: animatricks.net/festival/films/
Tickets 7€, buy online: animatricks.net/festival/tickets/

Animatricks call for entries 2015 !

animatricks_logo_mailchimpAnimatricks Festival is launching its 2015 Call for Entries, inviting filmmakers around the world to submit their animated short films. International competition is arranged now for the second time alongside with the traditional competition for the best Finnish animated shorts. The prize for the international winner is 3000 euros. The festival takes place 24–26 April 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Submission is open until 31 January 2015.

Animatricks is a cozy three-day festival and a meeting point for animation professionals and fans, held in the heart of Helsinki. Animatricks has been presenting new Finnish animation and selections of international tops since the year 2000 and has awarded Finnish animation since 2005. In 2014 Animatricks launched the international competition. The competition is sponsored by Rovio Entertainment, media company and creator of the globally successful Angry Birds.

Animatricks wants to share the wonders of animation and show stories that cannot be told in any other art form. We are looking for films with unique storytelling, style and technique.

International productions chosen to participate will be screened in the International Shorts Competition Category. Films can be maximum 30 minutes long animated films or music videos completed after 1 February 2013. Educational or commercial films are not accepted. Minimum 70% of the film duration must be animation.

Festival jury chooses the most inspiring international and Finnish short animations of the year from the competition films. The best international animation will be awarded with 3000 euros and the best Finnish with 1000 euros, both prizes are sponsored by Rovio Entertainment. The awards are granted to the directors.

In order to submit your film, please read the rules and regulations on www.animatricks.net/festival/submission. You will also find the online entry form there.


Thank you!

Animatricks_14_Lisa Limone -näyttely_Bio Rex_Kuva_Maria Kokljuschkin_5403

Photo: Maria Kokljuschkin

This year’s Animatricks Animation Festival closed on Sunday, its films and event drawing approximately 1,600 festival-goers. This year’s most popular screening was the opening film Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange, a Rapid Love Story. Other top moments were the side events of which the open doors -event at animation studios, Storyboard training and the animation workshops gathered most people.

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Baths and No Time for Toes are the winners of Animatricks 2014

baths (3)

Baths by Tomek Ducki

Baths (Łaźnia) by Tomek Ducki has won the international competition at Animatricks Animation Festival 2014. The best Finnish short animated film is Kari Pieskä’s No Time for ToesBenjamin Arcand’s Wackatdooo and CHRZU’s The High Heel High have received honorary mentions.

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Animatricks Jingle 2014

By Turun Anikistit and animation community Paperihattu

Animatricks Trailer 2014!

Music: The Reed Fags – Molly (fb.com/thereedfags)

Angry Birds and 100-year-old Finnish animation at Animatricks Festival

© Rovio Entertainment

© Rovio Entertainment

Upcoming Animatricks Festival celebrates the 100-year-old Finnish animation with blasts from the past and a bunch of flying creatures – watch out for the Angry Birds!

100th anniversary screenings include a documentary trilogy on Finnish animation by Juho Gartz and Lauri Tykkyläinen and Retro to Recent collection of Finnish children’s animation from the 1970s until today. Furthermore, Animatricks looks back in history and screens short Finnish animations that have been awarded at the festival between 2004 and 2013.

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Welcome to the Animatricks webpage!

Here you’ll find info about the Animatricks Animation Festival, which takes place on 25–27 April 2014 in Helsinki, as well as our various round the year events.

Complete festival programme 2014 will be released here in April. Stay tuned for teasers & sneak previews!

Animatricks Screen - Best New Finnish Short Animation Online

screen_banner_mailchimp600xAnimatricks Animation Festival has launched a new portal for Finnish short animation. Animatricks Screen presents nearly 70 films which can also be watched online. The website is available both in Finnish and in English.

The Screen collection consists of short animations that have been shown at Animatricks Animation Festival 2009–2013 in the “New Finnish Animated Shorts” programme. The site contains information about the films, as well as links to video-sharing websites where the films can be viewed.

Finnish animation celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014. The purpose of Animatricks Screen is to improve the availability and visibility of Finnish short animation both domestically and internationally.