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Animatricks is the oldest animation film festival in Finland. The festival’s mission is to provide the Finnish and international audiences annually an interesting selection of the most interesting animated films, and to promote and strengthen the position and awareness of animation as an art field and industry in Finland. The festival works also as a meeting place for the animation professionals, students and fans. Animatricks Animation Festival is organized by the association Palikka.

Contact information

Artistic Director

Janne Korsumäki

Festival team

Ida Alina Immonen

Festival team

Salla Hämäläinen

Visuals and Festival Programme

Tamara Aalto

Film Traffic Coordinator

Martti Sirkkola

Voulenteer and information coordinator

Susanna Kuisma

Festival programme

Tuula Leinonen

Joonas Kesäniemi

The illustrations of Animatricks 2018 are by Támara Aalto Website technical design by Joonas Kesäniemi.

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